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BBN Attracts International Interest

BBN Attracts International Interest

  • Posted: Jan 14, 2015
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German St George Magazine Requests Press Release from British Breeders Network

Eva Marie Broomer, Regional Rep for Shropshire, Cheshire and North Wales, who also works with the Central Team on PR and marketing the Network to the wider equestrian world was recently asked by Jan Tönjes, editor in chief of the most influential and important of all German equestrian publications, St George Magazine, for a press release on the new British Breeders Network. Eva has “pulled together bits and bobs from previous releases” and sent the following to the publication…

British Breeders Get Together to Form the British Breeders Network

British breeders can look back on extraordinary achievements in recent years. We celebrated Woodlander Farouche’s double success at the FEI World Breeding Championships for Young Dressage Horses in Verden in 2011 and 2012. Ursula XII continues to occupy the number 1 spot on the Longines FEI World Showjumping rankings. Team GBR vaulting athlete Joanne Eccles now occupies the top world ranking position, thanks to her trusted British bred horses, W H Bentley.

The future of British breeding should therefore look bright, and its reputation and customer confidence be at an all-time high.

As the breeding season of 2014 was drawing to a close, however, the outlook for many British breeders was bleak. Youngstock sales were down and even elite foals fetched such low prices that many breeders were recording severe losses. In such a climate, the question arose not only whether it was worth carrying on breeding, but whether it was even possible for those unable to subsidise their breeding operations through other means.

Then something truly extraordinary happened. It all began with individual discussions and isolated conversations among breeders on Facebook and other internet discussion forums.

But soon it became much bigger than that. From all over the country breeders came together, irrespective of location, background, experience or size of operation, and decided to stand united in their joint purpose to tackle head on the challenges faced by our industry and to build a sustainable future for British Breeding by forming a network, owned by everyone, and open to everyone.

After the unmitigated success of its inaugural meeting at Moulton College in early October, which saw the coming together of over fifty breeders and studbook representatives from across the entire country, the British Breeders’ Network is continuing on its path to transforming the British Breeding landscape through fostering a spirit of cooperation and unity across the industry, whilst celebrating the diversity of British equine breeds.

Perhaps its biggest achievement to date is the spirit of unity the network has created in a historically fragmented and divided industry. Despite difficult weather conditions and far travel distances for some breeders, its second national meeting at Hartpury College on 3rd January recorded an unexpectedly high turnout, with membership numbers now reaching 200.

Our aim is to unite all British equine breeders in the creation of a sustainable breeding environment. In order to achieve this, we will work in partnership, we will embrace diversity and we will promote excellence in all areas and on all levels of the industry.

We are a group created by breeders for breeders. Everyone, no matter if already established or new to breeding, no matter how many or what types of horses they breed, is equally welcome and equally important to our success.

In the spirit of the network’s philosophy of inclusivity and productivity, all across the country, regional groups have sprung up, exploring new ways of working together and paving the way for a series of events in the New Year that will showcase the achievements of British breeding and facilitate new partnerships across the equestrian spectrum.

These are supported by the creation of a national central team and steering group, enabling the network to capitalize on opportunities more effectively and to promote the interests of British breeders with other equine institutions and governing bodies. Everywhere, the network is encountering open doors, as key bodies, such as the British Equestrian Federations, encourage their members to get behind this initiative and stand united in order to build a sustainable future for British breeding.

We are deeply grateful for the, frankly, staggering amount of goodwill and support shown to our network by the equine community over the last weeks and months. We look forward to building on this wonderful start to our movement by continuing to extend our warmest welcome to every breeder in Britain.

Britain is the spiritual home of modern sports horse and pony breeding. We are very proud of the enormous influence horses bred on the British Isles, from the English Thoroughbreds to our many wonderful native pony breeds, had on competition breeding all over the world and look forward to continuing this illustrious tradition.

British Breeders Awards Ceremony

British Breeders Awards Ceremony

  • Posted: Jan 12, 2015
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British Breeders Celebrate Great Achievements

The British Breeders Dinner and Awards Ceremony, which took place in London on the night of 10th January 2015, offered The British Breeders Network yet another opportunity to take momentous steps in the establishment and broader recognition of its vision, as well as encouraging the recruitment of members from a wide range of circles within the breeding industry.‬

‪BBN Members, from the central team as well as from the regions, attended the dinner and had the opportunity to speak to fellow breeders about the movement. This was followed through in the speeches, with both guest speaker Lynne Crowden and chairman of the BEF Keith Taylor mentioning the network and reiterating its great potential. Everybody in the room was encouraged to get behind this initiative to build a sustainable and successful future for British breeding.‬‬

‪In its endeavour to unite all British breeders in the pursuit of excellence, the network is standing on the shoulders of true giants. In a moving moment, Richard Meade’s extraordinary contribution and life achievements were remembered, as attendees recalled his longstanding ambition to bring together all areas of the British‬ Equine Industry in the creation of one national database, and to pull together united in our recognition of our common goals and passions for Equestrianism. The network follows in this proud legacy.‬‬

‪In this spirit, the evening’s award celebrated again and again the huge variety of British breeds and the enormous breadth of its successes, among them many breeders who are already active members of the network. A firm recognition of the spirit of inclusivity uniting all breeders was demonstrated by the enthusiastically greeted Horse & Hound Outstanding Mare Award, which went to the lovely Suffolk Punch mare Whitton Daisy. A very big ‘well done’ to Daisy’s dedicated breeders. ‬

This inclusivity does not only extend to the many wonderful breeds and types born and produced in this country, but also to the wide spread of disciplines in which our horses excel. The BEF Award to the Highest Placed British Bred Horse in Team GBR at the Alltech World Equestrian Games went to the wonderful Vaulting horse W H Bentley, bred by James Grant, reminding us of the impressive breadth of talent represented in British Equestrianism and breeding.‬

‪The members of the British Breeders Network are deeply grateful for the goodwill and support shown by the breeding community and are looking forward to building on this wonderful start by continuing to extend the very warmest welcome to every breeder in Britain.‬‬