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Atypical Myopathy Fatal Disease in Horses

Atypical Myopathy Fatal Disease in Horses

  • Posted: Apr 18, 2015
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URGENT: Atypical Myopathy fatal disease in horses following ingestion of Sycamore seeds, can also result from ingestion of Sycamore SAPLINGS!

What is Atypical Myopathy? + What you need to know NOW

Please search your field / hedgerows NOW. Seeds can be blown by the wind several 10s of meters away the original tree and propagate. The saplings are just coming up RIGHT NOW (April).

H&H explains how to identify this deadly condition and what measures you can take to protect your horses.

Atypical Myopathy is a mysterious yet often fatal illness, usually found in grazing horses — mostly in the autumn and spring. The illness weakens the muscles of the body and can present with sudden stiffness, muscle tremors, collapse and colic-like signs, with a low temperature. Often dark urine is seen. The fatality rate is around 70%.

A study published in 2013 in the Equine Veterinary Journal revealed that toxins from the seeds of the tree Acer Pseudoplatanus — more commonly known as the Sycamore — is the likely cause. The research was done by the University of Liege and involved 17 horses from Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands.

High concentrations of Hypoglycin A were found in all the horses. The pastures of 12 of the horses were visited by botanists and the Sycamore was found to be present in every case. In America research has linked seasonal pasture Myopathy (the US equivalent) to toxins from the Box Elder tree. Both trees produce seeds containing the agent Hypoglycin A.

“This toxin is not always present in every seed, or in seeds from every tree. This makes it difficult to predict whether a particular horse will become ill when exposed,” says H&H vet Karen Coumbe.

It is not contagious and can affect horses of all ages and types, but young horses may be more vulnerable.

When are horses at risk?

Outbreaks of the fatal disease tends to be seasonal, with most cases occurring in the autumn. Victims are usually kept in sparse pastures, where seeds are on the ground and are eaten when there is not much grazing.

What are the signs?

The onset of the disease can be extremely rapid, with some horses being found dead in their fields. Signs include muscular weakness and stiffness, dark urine, fatigue, colic-like signs, shivering, sweating and trembling.

What should owners do?
• Fence off areas where sycamore seeds and/or leaves have fallen
• Regularly inspect fields to ensure seeds have not blown in from nearby sycamore trees
• Supply extra forage (hay or haylage) especially where pasture is poor
• Reduce stock density, so there is enough good grazing for every horse
• Turn out horses for short periods (ideally less than 6hrs.)
• Pick up and remove sycamore seeds, if possible
• If concerned contact your vet immediately

What treatment is available?

Horses diagnosed early by blood and urine tests can be treated with intravenous fluids and intensive care, but once the signs are present it is already serious.


Woodlander Stud April Open Days Running Order

Woodlander Stud April Open Days Running Order

  • Posted: Apr 15, 2015
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Woodlander Stud just posted the running order for their 18 + 19 April Stallion Viewing Days

Stallion Days

18th and 19th April 2015

11.00 Arrival & Coffee & Welcome

FRANSJE KWPN (United x Silvano)
Oldenburg and WBS Approved

WBS Approved

DONNERBLITZ Brandenburg (Donnerwetter x Night Star)
SPSS, Weser Ems Approved

WOODLANDER WILD CHILD Hann (Wavavoom x Fuerst Heinrich) WBS Approved, Oldenburg and Hann subject to Performance Test 2015
Foal Wicked Game (Wild Child x St Moritz )
Walkin on Sunshine (Wild Child x Prince Thatch)
What else?

WOODLANDER FREDDIE M (For Compliment x Dimaggio)
Oldenburg and WBS Approved
Foal Flor d’Luna (Freddie M x Hotline)

SUMMERTIME BLUES Hann (Spoercken x Margue H)
Hannoverian, Oldenburg and WBS Approved
Dam: Moulin Rouge (Margue H x Alabaster)

LATIN KING Trak (Elite Hibiskus x Tycoon)
Trakehner and WBS Approved
Ylng: Modica (Latin King x Firebreak)

HEAVEN Hann (Hotline x Londonderry)
WBS Approved

WOODLANDER WAVAVOOM Hann (Weltregent H x Longchamp) Hannoverian, Oldenburg, WBS Approved
3 yr Wakeman (Wavavoom x Mondriaan)
Waterloo (Wavavoom x Don Frederico)

SHAMWARI DEBONAIR Old (De Niro x Show Star)
Approved Oldenburg, WBS
Ylng Divine Comedy (Debonair x Ritmeister)

GOETTERFUNKE Hann (Galvano x Wanderbursch)
Approved WBS
2 yr Gracchus (Goetterfunke x Wesuvio)

WOODLANDER ROCKSTAR Hann (Rotspon x Sao Paulo)
Approved Oldenburg, WBS, Hannoverian Pendin

Registering with British Breeders Network

Registering with British Breeders Network

  • Posted: Apr 07, 2015
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Dear Breeders!

Thank you so much for all of you who have been trying to sign up tonight. Your interest and support are fantastic. Unfortunately, the large amount of traffic to our website means that some of you are experiencing technical difficulties signing up before the deadline tonight. If that is the case, please send us a message. As long as we hear from you tonight, we will honour our commitment to offering you the discount, even if you have to sign up at a later date, when the internet traffic has died down.

It is wonderful to see so much interest in our network, and we look forward to working with you towards a great future for British breeders!

50% Off Ends Midnight Easter Monday

50% Off Ends Midnight Easter Monday

  • Posted: Apr 03, 2015
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British Breeders’ Network discounted Membership Fees ends at Midnight Easter Monday 5th April.

Don’t miss your chance to join this exciting new organisation set up By the Breeders For the Breeders.

Click here to visit our online registration page:

Happy Easter!

Equestrian Apprenticeships Survey

Equestrian Apprenticeships Survey

  • Posted: Apr 02, 2015
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Dear Breeders – Your views as equestrian employers are in demand!

As you may be aware, the government are reforming the way apprenticeships are run in England by 2017.  A steering group, facilitated by Trent Park Equestrian Centre (London), is working to develop the apprenticeship standard and consists of employers from across the industry ranging from members of the BEF to the British Horse Racing Authority as well as representatives from polo and equestrian charities.

The steering group has written a proposed standard for Level 2 and Level 3 apprenticeships, and is now calling on employers to have their say. A survey will be available between Wednesday 1 April until Tuesday 21 April to give all employers across the industry an opportunity to feedback about the terms in the proposed standards.

Attached is a press release on the subject, and please find below the link to the survey as well as a link to the original press release regarding the changes:

Take this chance to have your say in how future apprentice schemes are operated.

With best wishes

Your BBN Central Team