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Hartpury Showcase Deadline Extended

Hartpury Showcase Deadline Extended

  • Posted: Jul 31, 2015
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Deadline extended by popular demand – you now have until 10.00 a.m. Monday 2nd August to get your entries in for the British Breeders Network Showcase.


ALL ENTRANTS receive a special British Breeders Network rosette on the day. Any horse or youngster offered for sale will be announced as such while in the arena and in the Showcase catalogue. Video of all horses entered will also be available from Equivideo for just £17 on the day. Stabling is available at £40. Futurity Showcase timings may need to be adjusted to ensure all youngsters entered will be shown AFTER they have been assessed by the BEF Futurity judges. All entrants are welcome to enter the ring for our Finale.

If anyone is having difficulty entering online please call 07836 235981 or email and we will assist.

Here’s a quick summary of the classes:

  • Classes 1 & 2 Jumping Equitation for 4- 5 year old jumpers or eventers split by discipline + age*
  • Class 3 Freestyle Flat Equitation for 4-5 year old dressage horses split by discipline + age
  • Class 3 Futurity Showcase open to any jumper/eventer youngster presented at a Futurity venue since 2010
  • Class 5 Mare Show for 3 years and up for mares without foal at foot split by discipline + age**
  • Class 6 Mare Show for 3 years and up for mares WITH foal at foot split by discipline + age**
  • Class 7 Futurity Showcase open to any dressage youngster presented at any Futurity venue since 2010


*Classes 1 and 2 may be combined with class 3 if insufficient entries are received, in which case these horses will not be asked to jump and to simply do a flat freestyle ridden show before being stripped and assessed in-hand, in which case judging will still be split according to discipline and age group.

**If you are already bringing a mare to the IYB Championships, or for the studbook gradings, or to accompany your Futurity foal entry, why not also enter her in our Mare Show.

Enter our Unique British-bred Horse & Pony Horsefest at Hartpury 9th August

Enter our Unique British-bred Horse & Pony Horsefest at Hartpury 9th August

  • Posted: Jul 23, 2015
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Bring your mares and youngstock, both horses & ponies, and be a part of our first ever SHOWCASE on 9th August in the International Indoor Arena at Hartpury College, Gloucestershire on 9th August. VIEW CLASS SCHEDULE

With ridden equitation classes and an in-hand Mare Show and Futurity Showcase running alongside the BEF Futurity Evaluations and Studbook Mare Gradings for the SHBGB, AES and WBS UK, there’s something for everyone at this unique HORSEFEST.

There are three ridden equitation classes for 4 – 5 year-old showjumpers, eventers and dressage horses and ponies, split by discipline and age group. The two Mare Show classes are for mares 3 years-old and upwards, with and without foals at foot, further split by discipline and age group.

Our unique Futurity Showcase is designed to present any youngster, from foal to 5 years that is entered this year, or has ever been entered at any BEF Futurity Evaluation since 2010, thus giving 4 and 5 year-old Futurity graduates an opportunity to be presented to a wider audience, having had time to mature.

Topping it all we have arranged a very special deal with Equivideo, who will video all horses & ponies while they are in the arena, and put it on a USB stick you can buy at the very reasonable price of £17.00 per entry. VIEW ENTRY FORM

BBN Hartpury Showcase Call For Entries

BBN Hartpury Showcase Call For Entries

  • Posted: Jul 17, 2015
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Entries Close Friday 31st July for the BBN 9th August Hartpury Show

Get your entries in NOW and join us on 9th August for a very special occasion for breeders and producers of British-bred young horses and ponies.

Rosettes and prize money will be awarded to the highest placed horses or ponies in the jumping, eventing, dressage equitation and mare show classes. Join us and benefit from the invaluable feedback from our panel of expert national and international judges, and take advantage of this opportunity to have your horses seen by a wide audience of expert breeders, buyers and supporters of British and International breeding.

To this end, any horse or pony that is to be, or has been, presented at a Futurity Evaluation between 2010 and 2015 is eligible to enter one of the two British Breeders Network Futurity Showcase classes.

The BBN is delighted to be working with the support of the BEF Futurity, with special thanks going to the BHHS and WBS UK for making possible the Network’s first ever Showcase at the Hartpury Equine International Arena in Gloucestershire, which also plays host to the International Young Breeders’ Championships immediately before our show: 6-8th August – a truly diverse and exciting weekend for British breeding.

Overnight / day stabling is available at £40 per stable (cheques payable to Hartpury Equine). Entries are due to close on Friday 31st July, to allow time for printing of the show catalogue. Late entries may be accepted at our sole discretion. Please direct any enquiries or questions in the first instance to and we will get right back to you.

We look forward to seeing you there…

Your British Breeders Network Central Team

British Studbooks Support British Breeders

British Studbooks Support British Breeders

  • Posted: Jul 10, 2015
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We are delighted about the generosity and support our breeders are receiving from our British studbooks, who continue to be the cornerstones of British breeding. In addition to the SPSS, AES, and SHB(GB), we are very pleased to welcome the BWBS as the latest studbook to join our network, and we look forward to working together for the benefit of our members and the wider equine community.

While the BBN Central Team does not in any way prefer or recommend any studbook to BBN members, we will pass on information and news from Bona Fide recognised PIOs in the UK.

We are very grateful for the vote of confidence from all who have joined us so far and excited about developing new partnerships across our network. Our particular gratitude goes to the BHHS and the BWBS who very generously provided the BBN with the opportunity to run their show at Hartpury on 9th August with the view of providing an exhilarating and inspiring event, showcasing the excellence of British bred young stock in all three Olympic disciplines.

Another exciting initiative is the recently announced Young Event Horse Grand Slam, a unique cash prize of £50,000 awarded by the SHB-GB for young horse success in the first three of consecutive five, six and seven-year-old championships at the KBIS British Eventing Young Horse Championships. This prize will help to raise the profile of British breeding and constitutes a wonderful reward for the hard work that goes into breeding and producing a young event horse. For further information, go to

Last, but certainly not least, we are extremely delighted to announce that the AES have made the offer to the members of our network to register their foals with them for free this year, providing very real tangible benefits to many successful breeders out there. To find out more about the Anglo-European Studbook and the services it provides, please go to

Studbooks Join the BBN!

Studbooks Join the BBN!

  • Posted: Jul 07, 2015
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The BBN is delighted that so far, three major British studbooks, the the SHB(GB), AES and the SPSS, have joined our network, with others telling us they plan to join immediately. We are grateful for this vote of confidence and look forward to working together to the benefit of British breeding. We firmly acknowledge that these studbooks are a vital part of our future, and we will do what we can to offer practical support and cooperation. We also very much look forward to learning from the expertise and experience of the SHB(GB), the AES and SPSS leadership, plus the other studbook organisations we are expecting to come onboard over the coming days, which will be key to shaping the success of British breeders in years to come.