The Art of Breeding!

The BBN’s major purpose is to create a unified a community of British breeders through education, action and marketing, to raise the profile and desirability of British-bred horses and ponies for every discipline. We are fortunate in having a membership base rich in equine industry expertise; vets, AI specialists, breeders, nutritionists, trainers, farriers, master saddlers and stallion owners; willing to impart their knowledge for the benefit of all our members.


British Breeders’ Network (BBN) membership is open to all breeders, both ‘hobby’ breeders and professional studs, producers, riders and trainers, horse sport organisations, PIO’s and stud books, plus associated equine services e.g. vets, saddle fitters, farriers and nutritionists.

The BBN online MEMBERS area enables networking with other breeders and the opportunity to contribute, share knowledge and ideas and help influence future BBN development. The website handles user logins, profiles, member messaging, user groups and discussion forums.

Join BBN to benefit from the combined knowledge of our members, get discounts on equine services or event tickets and opportunities to showcase your youngsters and stallions at BBN competitions & events. Levels 2-4 members also get a Directory entry in the BBN MARKETPLACE.

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British Breeders’ Network is both an essential resource for British breeders, and a showcase for buyers, riders & trainers, seeking British-bred world-class competition horses!


Find British-bred horse breeders and more in the BBN UK-wide Marketplace and geo-searchable Directory and view detailed business listings for all BBN members e.g. horse breeders, stallion owners, producers, associated equine trades and services. ‘Horses for Sale’ Classifieds coming soon!

Search by breed type e.g. native ponies or sporthorses, by purpose e.g. dressage, show jumping and eventing, by keyword or geographic area. All Network members can promote their own equine business and events on their own British Breeders Network Directory page.

Both a buying and a selling resource, the BBN Directory is used by breeders, producers, riders and trainers of British-bred horses and of course new breeders wishing to enter the breeding business and looking for suitable mares and stallions from which to breed.

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British Breeders’ Network – The Future of British Horse Breeding

Britain has a long-standing tradition of breeding top quality horses of all types, shapes and sizes; from native ponies to Thoroughbreds. Network Membership is open to breeders of all types of British-bred horses and ponies, whether you’re a ‘hobby’ breeder, a student, an experienced equine professional, or a large stud. Stud books, equestrian sport organisations, riders and producers of horses for all riding disciplines, plus all associated equine trades, are also welcome to join. Join today to benefit from the combined knowledge of the Network and promote your own breeding business online, while helping us achieve British Breeders’ Network aims and objectives:

  • PROMOTE British-bred horses raising public awareness of recent high profile horse sport successes.
  • Exploit previously untapped TRADE opportunities between breeders and wider equine industry.
  • Enable breeders to COMMUNICATE their shared experience with + for the benefit of all our breeders.
  • Provide MARKETING assistance + create business opportunities via auctions + showcase events.
  • Provide breeders with EDUCATION + training in breeding best practice, horse welfare, BioSecurity…

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