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British Breeders Network (BBN) website has been designed with an ‘easy-to-use’ online Members’ Area to assist with the development of our rapidly growing community of members; including breeders, riders, producers and associated equestrian and equine trades and suppliers, to facilitate easy online communications and networking regardless of where they are based in the country.

BBN Membership Levels

  • Level 1: Students & Associates (no vote)
  • Level 2: Breeders (incs. voting rights)
  • Societies & Non-Profits (no vote)
  • Businesses & Corporates (no vote)

Regardless of Membership level, all British Breeders’ Network Members enjoy the following benefits:

Membership Benefits

  • Online members’ area networking
  • Participation in the member forums
  • Equine product & services discounts
  • Young-stock and stallion shows

Membership levels 2 – 4 also enjoy the following additional member benefits:

Additional Member Benefits

Membership Levels 2–4 include a listing in the Marketplace Breeders & Equine Trades Directory with a link to your website to promote your own breeding or equine related business online.

Whatever your own membership level, our easy to use Members’ Area makes it easy for you to network with other Network members at every level.

Members’ Area Features:

  • Simple user name & password login
  • Create and edit your personal profile
  • Create blog posts & status updates 24/7
  • Add media to your posts and profile
  • ‘Friend’ and network with members
  • Private member message exchange
  • Join user groups and discussion forums

All British Breeders’ Network Membership levels get the opportunity to participate in young-stock and stallion showcases and competitions with their own equines.

As a Member you can also can create and download your own membership card for printing offline, on production of which members will enjoy concessions on ticket prices at gated Network events.

Producing your membership card at participating suppliers and venues will also allow you to enjoy periodic future trade deals and discounts negotiated by the Network on behalf of our Members.

Become a British Breeders’ Network member today to start networking with other like-minded breeders and equine professionals in the Members area.

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Level 1 Membership includes online Members Area access + ticket concessions + membership card.

Posts allowance is of 0 listings.
£20.00 per Year.


Level 2 Membership includes as per Level 1 above + 1 Directory Listing + Voting Rights

Posts allowance is of 1 listings.
£30.00 per Year.


Level 3 Membership includes as per Level 1 above + 1 Directory Listing. NO voting rights.

Posts allowance is of 1 listings.
£50.00 per Year.


Level 4 Membership includes as per Level 1 + 1 Directory Listing + a 125×125 pixel Banner Ad (email after signup to arrange placing your banner ad). No voting rights.

Posts allowance is of 1 listings.
£100.00 per Year.