Show Schedule Changes

Show Schedule Changes

  • Posted: Aug 22, 2018
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Please note that all Saturday GBMS & SPSS Part 1 classes will now run on Sunday 09 September combined with their equivalent Day 2 class, before the GFMS Grand Final with their Part 2 equivalent class and run on Sunday 9th September, before the GBMS Grand Final.

This is partly because most owners prefer to enter on the Sunday and not the Saturday as they hope to qualify for the Grand Final on the same day, and partly because owners with foals entered for the Saturday Elite Foal Championship don’t want to tire the foals out running beside the mares before the foal championships.

Any Saturday entries already received with be transferred to the equivalent Sunday class unless you advise that you wish to withdraw and be refunded before entries close on 1st September.

We’ve also been asked if we could run extra youngstock classes along similar lines to last year for owners with foals and youngstock up to 3 years that have not qualified for any of the championships.

We will try to accommodate this request provided there are sufficient entries to make these extra classes viable. We really need to know how many of you are interested in these extra classes and what youngstock you want to bring ASAP.

Because it will take time for us to update the schedule and online entry system can we ask you to email us ASAP if you want more youngstock classes at This will enable to make a decision about viability sooner rather than later.

For all other GBMS / SPSS and Futurity Championship classes please get your entries in now… Spectator entrance is free for the GBMS and Futurity Championships.

If you have any questions about entering your animals, which classes you can enter, or stabling arrangements at Moreton Morrell, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be delighted to help.